Guide to Seven Types of Chakras

There are seven types of chakras: crown chakra, wisdom and mind; third-eye chakra, intuition and perception; throat chakra, expression and personal verity; heart chakra, love and compassion; solar plexus chakra, will-power and social ability; sacral chakra, emotions and sexual desires; root chakra, sense of safety and stability. Each chakra has their vibration and energy that affects how you react, talk, think, and respond to life. Achieving balance is essential for a person to achieve wholeness in life.


What are their functions?

These 7 chakras make you as a person. The root chakra gives us the urge to survive on Earth. In today’s modern world, survival means money and stability. The solar plexus chakra is in charge to give us a sense of identity and purpose. The sacral chakra lets us enjoy the fruits of our labour and enjoy our time here on earth. This chakra also gives us sexual desires to fulfill our pleasure. The heart chakra provides a need to be compassionate and kind to others, that is why it is placed in the heart. The throat chakra creates the need for our voices to be heard. A balanced throat chakra enables us to speak the truth and with clarity. The third-eye chakra is the weakest of all chakra because we live in a physical world. Overactive third-eye chakra may cause someone to see disturbing psychic truths. The crown chakra is the hardest chakra to explain. But if you have no plans of embracing Buddhism, we highly suggest balancing the other 6 chakras.


What Happens When There’s an Imbalance?

The imbalance may cause chaos in your spiritual well being. For example, if your root chakra is overactive, you may have trouble being contented. Your life will all be about materials things which mean money, online shops like lazada and zalora, and rental cars coupon code & discounts. There will be no comfort. The 6 chakras should be balanced. This explains why people suffer from depression and anxiety because one or more of their chakras may be underactive or overactive. Balancing these chakras is not easy, but it is worth doing.

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